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Pre-first time home buying

Hi there pre-first time home buyer! 
I say pre-first time because you haven't bought anything as of yet and I want to help give you some tips to get started in the pre-buying process.

Step 1: Know that you want to own your own home at some point in the future, check! Now start stashing away some cash for your downpayment. My advice, open a tax free savings account and start putting a couple hundred here and there into that account. Or you can be more diligent and ask your banking professional to do automatic deposits into your TFSA or savings account each paycheque to ensure you don't touch that money. Out of sight out of mind.
Think about the little things like your daily coffee costing $2, times that by 1 year and you already have $730 to put in your "down payment account". If you can't live without coffee, buy yourself a small coffee maker at home, and buy coffee to fuel it. This will cut down your costs daily and help save for your biggest and best purchase, …

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