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How to Save Your Downpayment

I was scrolling through Instagram the other night and I came across a friend's story; if you aren't familiar with Instagram or Insta-Stories, it's basically a temporary (24 hour) post and you can sit there and scroll through 100 of them without blinking an eye...anyway, this story read something like "do I buy the Starbucks or cool it with the spending". Obviously this prompted not only the realtor in me, but also the saver and mom side of me. I get it, I am a new mom and what kind of wisdom could I possibly have, this early into the game, but trust me, I have been a "mom" long before I had a child. So I sent a direct message to this friend and I said, "listen, cool it with the Starbucks, save that cash, and buy an asset, like say...a home and let me help you do it!"The conversation went on for a little bit, and I broke down some saving tips for this friend to help explain the broader idea of saving dollars here and there and ending up with a …

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